Monday, November 30, 2009

Ginger's Four Babies....Kittens that is...

Here are some photos of the farm kittens born around the first of October 2009.  Ginger is the Momma.

This is the runt of the four kittens.

Here is the little runt again.

There always has to be one different than the others in the bunch.  Can you guess which one is different? :)

 Do you see those beautiful blue eyes?

These two seem to hang together all the time.

This one is very feisty.

Chillin' with Momma Cat, Ginger.   As you can see, Ginger is keeping an eye out for the little ones.  She already sees the human and the camera.

"Don't get to close to my Babies!"
Notice that Ginger changed positions. 

I said, "Back off, human! Don't you dare come near my Babies!"

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