Friday, December 4, 2009

News From Abby - Yoga Anyone?


Is it Yoga time yet?

Mom calls me her little Yoga Master when I help her with her Yoga Exercises.

First, you must warm up.

Raise your right paw slowly, like you are trying to pick up something. 

Hold it...Hold it...Hold it...

Next, you must lie down on your right side with your front legs stretched out over your head and your back legs stretched out as straight as possible. 

Slowly raise your left leg and swing it out to your side.

Here I am going into a long stretch.  Once I get fully stretched out, I will roll onto my back and wait for Mom to finish whatever it is she is trying to do, and rub my tummy.

Okay, everyone...lay on your left side and raise your right leg and bring your knee to your chest.  Stretch those hamstrings gals---tighten those buttocks...come on! you can do it!

What?  Yoga Class over so soon?

Until next time.  Maybe I'll see ya around the neighborhood.

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