Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Empty Houses

Old Empty Houses
By Cynthia Harris

I would love to tell my story
But I don’t know how,
My owners left me forlorn
And some burn me down.

Yet I have lots of stories to tell.

My original owners were proud,
The day the first foundation stone was laid.
They looked forward to having
A new roof over their head,
And to the family they had.

But now they’re gone
And other family members
Have abandoned me
And I’m just
Waiting for my death.

© 2009 by Cynthia Harris


  1. I love taking pictures of old empty houses. In the mid-west they were often being used to store gain from the fields. Abandoned because the land around them was bought up by corporate farms. Out here they are often skeletons of the 1862 homestead act. Failed homesteads that were abandoned or sold to successful ones abutting them.

    Nice poem too.

  2. Thanks Jacqui. There are old houses just about everywhere I look out here. Most of them were the original farm houses and once the younger generations came along they abandoned the old house in favor of a more modern one.