Monday, November 30, 2009

Ginger's Four Babies....Kittens that is...

Here are some photos of the farm kittens born around the first of October 2009.  Ginger is the Momma.

This is the runt of the four kittens.

Here is the little runt again.

There always has to be one different than the others in the bunch.  Can you guess which one is different? :)

 Do you see those beautiful blue eyes?

These two seem to hang together all the time.

This one is very feisty.

Chillin' with Momma Cat, Ginger.   As you can see, Ginger is keeping an eye out for the little ones.  She already sees the human and the camera.

"Don't get to close to my Babies!"
Notice that Ginger changed positions. 

I said, "Back off, human! Don't you dare come near my Babies!"

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cat's Rule

My cats, Shy a lilac Tonkinese and Abby a Tortoiseshell, definitely rule the roost at my house. Here are a couple of ways they have me trained.

Shy goes to the front door and reaches for the door knob. Her way of saying, it is nice outside and I want to lie in the sun on the porch. I get up and open the door and let her out.

Abby jumps onto the bathroom vanity and puts her head under the faucet. Her way of saying, I am thirsty, therefore, make the water flow. I turn on the water.

A typical cat morning at my house:

Both cats pounce on the bed at approximately 5:30 a.m. Abby pounces on my feet and tells them to get moving. Shy gently touches my face with her front paws as though asking, Are you awake yet? If not, WAKE UP!

Once I am up and moving both cats trot off to the kitchen and sit on their hind haunches and give me their breakfast order. One order of tuna fish with a side dish of Hill's Science Diet with a little Iams tossed on the side.  And it wouldn't hurt if you shared the outside kittens breakfast with me.

After breakfast it is off to the bathroom. Abby on the vanity with head in sink saying, hurry up and turn on the water, and Shy is sitting on the lid (must keep lid down or cats will drink from toilet) of the stool waiting her turn---she is the oldest so she let's the young one have her way in the morning, but not in the evening or before bed time.

Oh, hear Dad tromping around in the kitchen, time to go stretch out on the den floor. He will give a good belly rub before putting on his work boots. After the belly rub it is time to play with the boot laces.

While cats have Dad occupied, Mom is off to the kitchen to pack her lunch for work and get her morning Kashi cereal. Mom sits at table to eat, cats promptly jumps into the other chairs hoping to get the last drop of Soy Milk.

No dice, Mom doesn't share with the Queen and Princess, so time to scatter every toy from one room to another. Mom happily goes behind picking them up and putting them back into the toy box.

Hear the garage door open. Time for the servants to go to work.

Kiss, Kiss---Mom gives a good nose rub--cats way of kissing--and a soft stroke from the top of the head to mid back. Time to stretch out on the pillows in the window and watch the car drive away. Then time to wait for the birds to visit the bird bath and see if the squirrels are awake. Then time to attack each other to see who gets to be Queen for the day.

By 7 a.m. the morning has already been a long one and Shy wanders to her pillow on the sofa while Abby finds hers on the Queen Anne Recliner. It is a rare site to see the two of them lying so close together on the same piece of furniture-se above. Soon both are snoring softly and dreaming of chasing butterflies outdoors on the green lawn :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Shop

This summer we moved to a 65 acre farm.  The old garage on the farm will become my husband's shop. 

When me moved here the shop was in bad shape.  Here are some photos after we started working on it.  The inside was full of junk and large pack rats nests.
Plywood was used to make some outside repairs.
A new door replaced the old one for a more secure side entrance.

There was some tin missing from the roof, so the boards in the upper section had to be checked for stability.  Some had to be replaced, then the tin was replaced to keep the elements out.

A wood burning stove was added for heat.

Since these photos, there has been many hours of work done on the shop.  I will add more photos later.