Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Drift Morning

The pole closet to the front is the third one from the house.  You can see that we started out okay, then hit some small drifts.

Here you can see the road in front of us.

The road behind us.

From the angle of the photo it is hard to tell that the drifts are up past the wheel well and up to the door.

The wind is still howling and the snow is still drifting and the road grader has not been out yet today and we don't know when he will be by.


  1. Oh my. How much snow did you wind up getting with this storm?

    We've had about 35 inches so far here in Wisconsin. And it's only the middle of January. Sigh....

  2. The drift came from about 4 inches of blowing snow. We had, however, about 12-24 inches prior to that which was not graded from the roads.