Friday, June 17, 2011

Life On The Farm

Since my last post in February....LOL!  I has been very busy on the farm.

In early spring a neighbor burned our pasture and now it is very green and will be ready for haying at the end of next month.

One day in early May we came home from work and found a newborn kitten underneath a tree in our front yard.  We waited to see if a Momma cat was coming back for it, but she never did.  I took the little thing inside and cleaned it up and cleaned the dirt out of its mouth and those nights of newborn feeding started.

I took the kitten to work with me and put it in a box underneath my desk.  I didn't want my supervisor to find out that I brought it to work.  Five co-workers knew and they all formed a plan on how to raise the kitten in the work area without the higher ups finding out.

After a week I was contacted by the local Humane Society. They had received a Momma cat with a few kittens.  I took the baby to the foster parents and the Momma cat took right to the baby.  Once the baby is weaned, I will get her back.  She is an orange tabby.

Not sure how my two indoor cats are going to take it, but they will eventually get used to her.

The farm is a good place for strays and right now we have two orange female cats and they each have three kittens for a total of six babies about 7-8 weeks old.  One cat has two orange kittens and one orange and white and the other has the opposite - two orange and white and one orange.

We purchased a tractor in May and on Memorial Day when my hubby was bush hogging on the south side of the barn he came across a dead Momma cat and three live kittens.  We took the kittens for the foster parents and the Momma once again took to the babies.  One baby died and the others: one female, one male are doing well.  They are also orange kittens, so we figured the newborn we found was part of this little family.

The weather has been weird this year and because of it and other happenings, I have not planted a garden.  I did start on a Fairy Garden, and I hope to get it finished soon.

Another thing I did was start a part-time business helping authors promote their books.  Most of them are self-published authors.  I call the business Black Lilac Kitty after the colors of two of the indoor cats.  The web site  and right now I am hosting two contests: one contest every month and a summer special contest.

I will try my best to keep this blog going, however, I find that time just passes me by so quickly that I have a hard time catching up.

Till next time....